Cozy Fall Engagement Session at Foster Park

Foster Park and Shoaff Park | Fort Wayne, Indiana

For those of you who have been around for awhile, you may be spotting a very familiar face, Simon. Simon used to be my second shooter a few years ago, and shot with me for a few seasons. He loved on a whole lot of couples, and now him and his fiance are one of my couples. Things like that make me love my job, and feel so special that they chose me for their big day!

Simon and Allie. I literally have so much to say about these two. Simon was still second shooting for me when him and Allie first started seeing each other. Simon was not one to talk about a girl inbetween meals at a reception, but the secone he met Allie, I knew she was special. The way he talked about her, his eyes lighting up, and the smile that would cross his face. I knew she had to be special. Then I met her. I thought Simon was sweet, he has nothing on Allie. She is literally just the sweetest and move caring person. Bascially making them the perfect match. Now combo these two together and it is just so sweet. The amount of love there is between these two, and let’s be honest COULD THEY BE MORE PHOTOGENIC?! Like I am over here anxiously awaiting their big day because I am dying to photograph them again.

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