Late Fall Traditional Wedding at St Peters and The Allen County Fair Grounds

St Peters Church and Allen County Fair Grounds | Fort Wayne, Indiana

Honestly, every year as we get down to the end of wedding season it is so bittersweet. While the end of my 2021 wedding season meant we were crazy close to my own wedding, it meant that all the weddings I had been thinking about and waiting for had come and gone. There is just something so bittersweet about looking forward to a wedding for 9-16 months, then it is all said and gone. I always find myself trying to slow down those last few weddings, willing the days to take a little longer. Stopping to take in all the little details around me that day, and holding on to them as I remember my 2021 season. I am so glad to have had Cortlyn and Justin’s wedding as one of my last 2021 weddings, but also was so sad as it all came to and end.

I love fall weddings. Now keep in mind I said that as a person who chose to get married in Winter. So don’t think I don’t love other seasons. But there is just something nice about taking photos and not praying it doesn’t rain, or wondering if you wore enough deodrant for the heat, or enough bug spray. So I love fall weddings, and it may be because of the weather. But I also love them because there are so many pretty color palettes, like Cortlyn and Justin’s of Burgendy and Grey with pops of eucalyptus and those gorgeous pink florals they chose. I truly just loved the florals and how they brought the palette all together, keeping it more deep jewel toned, while also providing a little pop of bright colors. This color palette translating into the bridal party, which I swear a burgendy dress is such a flattering color to all, and the cool grey suits. Honestly just a perfect color palette to compliment the gorgeous fall foliage we had, and the beautiful day in general. I mean perfect weather, gorgeous couple, and a wedding that went off without a single issue.

I swear I have never had a wedding with a bad bridal party. I know you are probably waiting for me to say until now, but literally I could never, especially about this wedding. First off, Sammy, the maid of honor, had the best maid of honor speech I have ever heard. So bonus points go to this bridal party off the bat. But also this bridal party was just so upbeat and cheery the entire day. Not a single complaint. Just encouragement and love for Cortlyn and Justin. It made the photos and the day in general such a pleasent experience, and I can only hope to have bridal parties this upbeat going forward.

If you saw their engagement blog post, then you know I am a huge fan of these two. Not only are they incredibly photogenic, which I swear I am always blessed with the most photogenic couples, these two share such an undeniable chemistry. The way these two act around each other just radiates love. The way they were sneaking little glances at each other during photos, their eyes full of that “holy crap, I married the best person in the world” look. The way that these two seemed like they had the best day of their entire lives, and that nothing could make them happier then getting married to each other. It was just so sweet. I knew these two were crazy in love during their engagement session, but the wedding sealed the deal. These two were just so giddy like two teenagers falling in love for the first time. Honestly they share a love I hope everyone finds, and I am so glad they found it in each other.

Dream Team Vendors:
Ceremony Venue: St Peter’s Lutheran Church
Reception Venue: Allen County Fair Grounds
Florist: Secent of Heaven
Videographer: Derek Grueter
Bride’s Dress: Wendy’s Bridal
Bridesmaids Dresses: Wendy’s Birdal
Men’s Attire: Wendy’s Bridal
Invitations: Canva
Hair Artist: Baili Melcher
Makeup Artist: Michelle Hinkle with Bella Rosa Beauty Bar
Dj: Dave Korte
Catering: Grant’s Catering

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