About me

You are probably assuming my about me section will have a story about how I always wanted to be a photographer, I came out of the womb holding a camera, but that couldn’t be me. I stumbled into it, literally. I had no plans to become a wedding photographer. I was either going to follow my dad’s path and go to dental school, or become a social worker. But a freshman in college decided to shoot a few photos for fun, and now over eight years and almost 200 weddings later, I could not imagine myself doing anything else. This is my dream job!

Outside of my job you find me spending my time curled up on the couch with my sweet husband watching Netflix, and eating literally any snack we can find. We are probably discussing travel plans between commercials and cuddling with our fuzzball of a cat, Tulip or our newest addition to our family, Clover, the best mutt ever. If we are not on the couch you can often find me reading the newest mystery novel, drinking a Mango Dragonfruit Refresher from Starbucks, vacationing with my family at our lake house for a few days, reorganizing my house (hello OCD me), or trying to convince myself not to buy a vintage punch bug! Seriously hoping one Christmas my husband just make my dreams come true, but I won't hold my breath.

I live for:



1. Holiday Baby? Check. I was born on Thanksgiving, which means that every Thanksgiving my mom has to let me know that I am the best turkey she ever had! I am also one of four holiday babies in my family!

2. College Graduate, Yup: I currently hold a bachelor’s degree in secondary education with a focus in English and am currently in school to get my masters in English. Definitely have plans to get my PHD some day, degree collecting? Maybe.

3. Pets, Please and Thank You: Bailey and I have the sweetest fur ball, Tulip, named after my favorite flower. A very fuzzy Ragdoll cat, who is the best cuddler, and most talkative member of our household.

4. Vacations, Sign me up! I have been to five different countries, and 28 states! I love to travel, and would love to travel more, especially for weddings! *Hint Hint*

5. Next Joanna Gaines? Maybe!: Ever since becoming a home owner I am all for the house projects and decorating! Thankfully Bailey is rather handy and makes all my Pinterest dreams a reality!

6. If I Am Missing Check Northern Michigan: My favorite place to be is at our lake house in Northern Michigan. I spend a good chunk of my summers there relaxing and enjoying my family. I love it so much I am getting married there!

7. Double Jointed, Oh yes.: I am double jointed in my elbows, meaning I bent in weird ways, and have dislocated my elbow quite a few times. It also made being a cheerleader hard because my high V's never actually looked like v’s.

8. Tattoos, Yes please: I have 14 tattoos. Odds are you aren't likely to notice many of them as they are either covered by clothing, or small, but they are there! My favorite one is the ladybug on my wrist for my late grandmother. My niece hates it though because its a bug and bugs are ew.

"Abigail and her photography partner, Evan were perfect to capture our wedding day! Meeting her for coffee before the big day, we knew that she would be fun to work with and make us feel comfortable; she has a great personality! She kept everyone organized for posed photos, which made them turn out wonderful, but still let us have some fun as well. All the important moments of our day were not missed. I am also amazed at how great everyone looks in the photos! I normally am pretty skeptical of photos of myself, but I look like a happy, gorgeous bride in all of them! I literally love every single photo she took. Her photography brought out all the happiness that we shared with friends and family on our wedding day!"