Rustic Foliage Filled Fall Engagement Session at Salomon Farms

Saloman Farms | Fort Wayne, Indiana

I give my couples location recommendations. After all, how are you suppose to know the perfect spot for fall foliage, or the perfect spot for a skyline backdrop? However I always encourage couples to think of someplace that is special to them. Hannah didn’t need to ask for a single recommendation after hearing that, because she had the best idea. Taking their engagement photos at their wedding venue. Honestly wish couples did this more because it is such a good idea. After all most venues have dozens of gorgeous backdrops and we often can not utilize them all on their wedding day due to time retraints. Plus how cool is it to have an engagement photo and a wedding day photo taken in the same spot. I honestly can’t wait to be back in this same spot in a few months photographing their first moments as husband and wife.

While the next time I am here I will be photographing some of their first moments as husband and wife, I had the privilge of photographing some of the last moments of them having different last names. It is always such a privilge to freeze such a small time in someone’s relationship. At this time, I was freezing the memories of how these two laugh together. Seriously Hannah was so giggly, and Michael just smiled at her with awe. I was freezing the way these two intereact with each other. Always sweet and gentle, loving, wanting to be close. I was freezing how much Hannah and Michael love each other in this moment, and how special these times are for them. I just love my job.

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