Rainy Black Tie Wedding at St Peters and St Emmanuel

St Peters Lutheran Church and Emmanuel Lutheran Church | Fort Wayne, Indiana

Wanna know the best part about both of my April weddings so far? I have photographed their siblings weddings! Yes, you heard me right! From last weekend I had photographed Olivia’s sister’s wedding in 2019, and the year before I photographed Cameron’s sister’s wedding! I love when I get to photograph both sister’s wedding. Not only does it make me feel so honored that I am trusted to photograph the second sibling’s big day, but it also to me shows me that my clients loved my photos and the experience enough to trust me with their sibling. It truly is such a privilege to serve my clients and their families but to do it twice is just the sweetest. Plus it means I already know the family, well half of it, which I always love.

I honestly want to start off the blog post talking about the family because these two just have good ones. I love Cameron’s family, but I am a little bias since I have had the opportunity to work with them before. Cameron’s family is filled with some of the sweetest people I have ever met. I actually went to High school and College with his sister Ale and she just reminds me of a good hug. She is so welcoming and makes everyone feel so important. This is obviously a quality she got from her parents because Cameron is the exact same way. The greatest part about it is Kirsten’s family is the exact same way. They truly made me and Evan feel so welcomed and a part of the family. We chatted with Kirsten’s dad for around 20 minutes during dinner, and her mom was seriously so sweet. Overall I wish I could have this family come to every wedding. 

Now off to the detail part of the day because let’s be real they were just as good as the family. Kirsten and Cameron did not quite get a pretty sunny spring day, what we got instead was pouring rain. But no need to stress, when you see the pictures you will see that even when it rains we can still pull off gorgeous photos because these photos are gorgeous and feel elegant as all get out. But anyways they say rain is good luck so basically Kirsten and Cameron will be together forever and have one incredible marriage. But honestly the rain did not put a damper on the day at all. Everything was absolutely gorgeous. Kirsten has the prettiest florals, honestly. All with with a ton of greenery, seriously so simple yet so dreamy and so elegant. The whole day honestly just felt elegant. Wait till you Kirsten’s dress, 100% screams elegance. But this was only further complimented by the color palette of the day. Kirsten and Cameron had a gorgeous pale blue, black, and white color palette. Just screams elegance but also really screams spring. This color palette was carried throughout the day in such a gorgeous way. From the pretty blue bridesmaids dresses, to the reception decor. It was all around such a gorgeous day. 

Furthering the gorgeous day was the sweet bridal party. I seriously loved this bridal party. They were all so sweet and welcoming and let me tell you they were over the moon for this couple. They were so excited as I think everyone was because this couple is definitely one of those were you know they are just meant to be together. Part of the bridal party even played a role in this couple coming together. Ale, the maid of honor and Cameron’s sister, was actually good friend with Kirsten. Kirsten was good friends with Ale’s now husband. So basically Ale and Zach and Cameron and Kirsten all came to be because of each other which I think is just so sweet. This just all around was a really sweet and supportive bridal party and I loved it.

At the center of all the rain and elegance was the sweetest couple, Cameron and Kirsten. These two are the kind of couple you just know was meant to be together from the second they were born. There is no one else who could compliment each of them the way the other does. There is no one else who could love them quite the way the other does. There is no one that makes them smile the way the other does. These two were meant to be and it is so obvious in the way these two are together. Cameron could not take this eyes off of Kirsten the entire day. I mean in the middle of family photos he was constantly sneaking glances at her, admiring her, and looking at her with all the love in the world. Kirsten was smiling ear to ear every time she caught him looking at her and every second they were near each other. I honestly could not come up with a better and more in love couple if I honestly tried. After over 125 weddings I would hands down say this is my most crazy in love couple and I am so here for it. 

Dream Team Vendors:
Ceremony Venue: St Peter’s Lutheran Church
Reception Venue: Emmanus Lutheran Church
Florist: R Geary Floral Designs 
Bride’s Dress: Allure Bridals from I Do Bridal Boutique and Rebecca Ingram from Wendy’s Bridal 
Veil: Ansonia Bridal Veils from I Do Bridal Boutique 
Bridesmaids Dresses: More Lee from I Do Bridal Boutique 
Men’s Attire: Louie’s Tux Shop
Invitations: Louie’s Tux Shop
Hair and Makeup Artist: Southwest Hair and Day Spa
Dj: Dubz Night Out Entertainment 
Catering: Salvatori’s
Party Rentals: Mutton Party Rentals 

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