Intimate Backyard Wedding on Private Property

St Mary’s Catholic Church and Private Property | Fishers, Indiana

I always leave weddings saying I wish I could shoot them all over again. I mean I spend months chatting with my bride about their big days and getting all excited, so there is always a bittersweet feeling when the day is all over, hence why I always wish we could do it again. But good news! I do get to do the Sander’s wedding all over again next year!! Due to covid, Jordan and Bennett opted to have a small ceremony and intimate reception this year, and have a big party next year, and I can not even begin to tell you how much of a shout out I am giving to covid for allowing me to photograph one of my sweetest couples all over again next year! This will be my first and only shout out to covid, but it did give me my dream of shooing one of my couple’s weddings all over again, so it turns out it isn’t all that bad.

The other amazing part about this wedding was the pleasure of shooting my first intimate wedding. I have shot over 100 weddings, and I have never shot a wedding with under 100 guests, and after shooting a wedding with only 30 people in attendance, I hope I have the pleasure to again. The Sanders wedding was not only small and intimate but it was special. Only their closest family and friends surrounded them on their big day, making them totally encased in love their entire day, and let me tell you it was also so cute! Jordan and Bennett had their reception right in their backyard and it was so sweet. Not only will they always have the memories of that being their first home together, but also the memories of sharing their first dance as husband and wife right in their backyard. Besides the intimate side of their wedding, there were some other gorgeous details to this day. Jordan and Bennett got married in Jordan’s childhood church which was so sweet, but also the church was absolutely gorgeous. It is an insanely photogenic church and I was obsessed with it. Jordan also had some really gorgeous wood flowers, which was further complimented by their color palette of plum and navy. Now I would have never thought to put these two colors together but oh my goodness it is one of my new favorites, it is just insanely gorgeous! There were also several sweet details throughout the day for Jordan’s mom who passed when she was 15. The bow on Jordan’s bouquet was from her mom’s wedding dress which was so sweet. She also wore jewelry of her mothers, and her dad gave the sweetest heartfelt speech about memories of Jordan and her mom together that had both my second and I in tears behind the camera.

Now it is time to discuss this bridal party, which I know I always talk about how much I love the bridal party, and how they are one of the best ever because lets be honest I have worked with some amazing bridal parties, and this one is no different. This bridal party was so much fun! We took a few minutes to go outside and play on the playground after the family photos, which resulted in the photos of the bridal party on the merry-go-round, and the groomsmen on the swing which was one of my favorite photos from the day. I also loved this time because it gave the bridal party a moment to just relax and spend time together post ceremony. This bridal party was so fun and all so sweet. The guys were absolutely hilarious, and honestly I have never had a group of guys so into photos, it was amazing. Every time I said lets do this they were all on board and so into it. It was seriously great. I literally can not wait to see this bridal party again next year and photograph them again. Plus I really think this group is going to get down on that dance floor next year and I can not wait to capture it.

Now to the best part of the day, Jordan and Bennett. When I met Jordan and Bennett last year, the first thing I noticed about them was how sweet these two were in every way. They are both the type of people that make everyone feel special and loved. They are the type of people who are there for you through thick and thin, and who just love so hard, and that was evident in their relationship with their bridal party members and in their relationship with each other. This is one of those couples that I think was meant to be from the beginning, they were just destined to find each other. I literally love this sweet couple, and seriously thank you covid for giving me a chance to photograph them all over again next year!

Dream Team Vendors:
Church: Saint Mary’s Catholic Church
Wedding Dress: Brides By Young
Catering: Luciana’s
Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal
Men’s Ware: Men’s Warehouse
Hair Artist: Suzy Huff
Makeup Artist: Allison Zwickel

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