Rustic Chic Boho Wedding at St Joseph and the Masonic Temple

Saint Joseph Hessen Castle and The Masonic Temple | Fort Wayne, Indiana

Last summer when these two got engaged I was actually one of the first people to know. Natalie texted me a picture and was talking about how excited she was that her and Conner had gotten engaged but also to tell me that she could not wait to schedule their engagement photos. Not only did I feel insanely special that I knew before even some of their immediately family, but also that Natalie would right off the bat ask me about shooting their engagement photos and then their wedding. Let me tell you it was just an honor to be these two’s wedding photographer. They are insanely near and dear to my heart, as Conner is one of my cousins, but also because I actually photographed these two when I was first starting my business, and to have photographed their wedding over five years later was an honor like no other.

Conner and Natalie seriously had one of the prettiest wedding days. It all started off with gorgeous weather, 65 and partly sunny. Could not ask for better weather, but it wasn’t even the weather that made the day so pretty, it was every little detail. First their gorgeous florals, seriously was obsessing over Natalie’s bouquet. The pinks with the greenery was just flawless. This was further highlighted by their incredible color palette, dusty rose and grey. Let me tell you I am a sucker for any shade of pink and grey, I just think it is absolutely gorgeous. Plus the grey suits with those floral ties, just perfection. Besides the color palette and the florals, which I hope I see about 12 more times, But there was also the fact that we used Conner’s Grandma Jojo’s property for their photos. Conner grew up running on her land, and playing in that barn so it was the perfect fit for their photos. Conner put up the greenery piece you see in the photos even for the wedding. Grandma JoJo sat outside in a chair watching all the photos take place with the biggest smile on her face. When we ended photos with the confetti canons I looked over to see her absolutely beaming. She said she loved all the confetti, it made her so happy. I seriously just love that we had the pleasure of using her property for photos. Plus every time Conner and Natalie look at their photos it will remind them of Grandma Jojo. I also have to mention that Natalie and Conner had the best wedding cake I have ever had! Oh my goodness was it amazing.
Besides the day, which was incredible as a whole, there was an amazing bridal party. Now I may be bias, and not because I already knew a few of them, but because the bridesmaids were just amazing. Natalie’s mom welcomed me into their home where the girls were getting ready and fed me a Panera bagel, which if you know me you know I am a sucker for their cinnamon crunch bagels. But I was eating a bagel and taking photos and the bridesmaids were so impressed by it, it was hilarious. But other then they were impressed by me, they were just such a great group of girls. They were all so excited for Natalie, and so into her wedding day it was so sweet. They also were the ultimate hype team. Now to the guys, who were straight hilarious and so entertaining the entire day. Literally just wait until you see them throwing Conner into the air, they were a total blast, and so down for any fun photos that I could think of. They also all totally killed their entrances into the reception, especially the ushers who carried one of the ushers in on a body carrying bag then brought him back to life by cracking a beer. Seriously this bridal party was such a blast.
Now to my favorite part of the blog post, gushing about the couple, and oh am I going to gush! I want to remind everyone I am incredibly bias to this couple because I have seen their relationship grow and develop over time, but also because I literally could not love these two more. These two are absolutely incredible and 10000% perfect for each other. They push each other to be the best they can be, and they are such partner’s in everything. Their love knows no ends, and they are the kind of couple you look at and want to be. Conner and Natalie both cried their eyes out when she walked down the aisle, and how could you not? I mean I was crying behind my camera like a baby. But seriously, high school sweethearts to husband and wife. I don’t think a single family member kept dry eyes. Plus let’s be real, these two are two of the most photogenic and cutest couple I have ever seen, bias opinion, but still. I still honestly feel so honored that these two had me photograph their day, and could not love this couple more, and could not be more excited to watch these two grow old together.

Dream Team Vendors:
Church: Saint Joseph Hessen Castle
Reception Venue: Masonic Temple
Wedding Dress: One Fine Day
Wedding Dress Designer: Essence of Australia
Florist: Edelwise Florals and Gifts
Bridesmaids Dresses: Lulu’s
Men’s Ware: Louis’s Tux Shop
Invitations: Minted
Makeup Artist: Blush Me
Dj: Jackson Way
Cake Artist: Nicole Hart
Catering: Nine Mile

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