Late Summer Black Tie Wedding at Saint Francis

St Louis Catholic Church, Saint Francis, and Ceruti’s | Fort Wayne, Indiana

3 weddings, 3 weekends in a row, and I ended it with a rather amazing one. So while when I got in the car post Rrenbarger wedding it felt like a bus had hit me, it was so insanely worth it. Mainly because we have been waiting for this wedding since May, thanks Covid. But also because this is another 2020 couple who is near and dear to my heart, and whose wedding I have been looking forward to since they got engaged.

I knew Lindsey and Graham’s wedding would be stunning. After meetings, and sneak peak pictures I was excited, but I truly did not know the day was going to be as stunning as it was. The day started off at St Louis Catholic Church, a small little church in Fort Wayne. Let me tell you every time I think of church weddings, a church like St Louis pops into my head. Looking like a little white chapel from the outside, with gorgeous stained glass windows down the aisle, and old wooden pews. A later gorgeously decorated in a plum purple that complimented Lindsey and Graham’s wedding colors perfect. Plus the getting ready space was gorgeous and ample. Literally I put two photos of Lindsey getting ready in this blog post which I never do because I loved the space so much. The reception space was equally gorgeous. Lindsey and Graham actually had a different venue picked out for their reception, but thanks to Covid when they had to move dates, they had to change venues, but let me tell you the southwest Ceruti’s location is my new favorite. The ceiling is covered with giant lanterns and draped with gorgeous white fabric and twinkling lights. Honestly stunning locations, but besides the locations there was the gorgeous color palette. Rose golden, plum, and grey, a combo I would of never thought of, but one that was absolutely stunning and hands down now one of my favorites I have seen. This carried over into the gorgeous silk florals, which let me just say if you are opting out of real flowers, silks are the way to go. Lindsey and her girls had stunning bouquets and the bouts looked amazing all day (something that is impossible with real florals) Besides those details, there was Lindsey’s incredible shoes. Literally obsessed with them, and wish I could of taken them home. They are 100% glamorous princess vibes, and I think every bride should wear shoes like this. There was also Lindsey’s incredible dress, seriously amazing. The gorgeous jewelry Lindsey wore, the super flattering and pretty bridesmaids dresses, and so much more. Lindsey also tied her rosary around her bouquet which has to be my favorite thing I see my brides do, and she even put a little pin on her bouquet for her grandmother.

Outside of the details, which obviously I would love to rave about for the next 12 hours, there was a whole lot of amazing people in this wedding. First off Lindsey’s sweet dad had me in tears as he had his first look with his daughter, and then again during their dance. I literally had tears streaming down my face. There was Graham’s sweet mother who took the time to chat with me about my life, and was so sweet. There was also Lindsey’s mom who was super mom getting a ton done during getting ready. The parents honestly were amazing. But I really loved this bridal party. Seriously, Evan said this was one of his favorites and I agree. They were hilarious. Honestly I have never laughed so hard with a bridal party. From the jokes, to the emergency bathroom breaks, to the teasing of friends, they were so funny and so enjoyable to be around. They made photos insanely entertaining which I wish we could of taken photos forever. They also tore up the dance floor. Probably 90% of the bridal party never left the dance floor, which made it such a party. They also were insanely excited for Graham and Lindsey which was sooooo sweet. Graham is one of 9 so all of his siblings were in the bridal party and they were over the moon excited, especially his sisters. I watched one of Graham’s younger sisters keep stopping and looking at Lindsey commenting on how beautiful she was. Honestly Graham and Lindsey’s families were both so excited to welcome their new in-law into their family and it was so sweet. It was 100% how things should be, where both families are just overr the moon happy about the marriage. It was honestly beautiful to see.

Now to the best part, Lindsey and Graham. This couple is near and dear to my heart, and not just because they are one of my couples, but becuase I know them personally. I went to high school with Lindsey and so when she reached out about me shooting her wedding, I literally screamed. I was sooooo dang excited. This excitement has been building for over a year, so as you can imagine I was beyond ready for this day. I first want to say that Lindsey looked absolutely stunning. I think Lindsey is so pretty to begin with, but oh my gosh was she the prettiest bride. Literally she glowed on her wedding day. I of course will not leave Graham out, who made a very handsome groom, but oh my goodness was this couple looking amazing on their wedding day. But besides that, these two were so excited to get married, and I mean like couldn’t sit still, and ready to walk down the aisle excited. I literally cried when I saw Graham’s face as Lindsey made herr way down the aisle. He was smiling ear to ear, the biggest smile, and then his sweet little grandma was too, and I was dying. But seriously these two are insanely in love, they are Nicholas Sparks, Notebook, type in love, and I am obsessed with them. Literally the way these two talk, and interact with each other just screams we love each other. Plus they are honestly the sweetest people I know. Like if you met them you 100% know what I am saying. These two were absolutely amazing to work with, and I truly wish we could do their wedding all over again. So instead of continuing to rave about how amazing it was, I am going to go petition to Lindsey that we do it all over again.

Dream Team Vendors:
Venue: St Louis Catholic and Ceruti’s
Videographer: Fort Wayne Wedding Photography
Catering: Ceruti’s
Wedding Dress: One Fine Day
Wedding Dress Designer: Stella York
Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal
Men’s Ware: Louis Tux Shop, Jean Yves Heather Grey
Florist: Simply Silks
Cake Artist: Poppins Cake Pops
Hair and Makeup Artist: Glamour To Go Mobile Salon
DJ: DJ Double K
Invites and Other Stationary: Vista Print
Jeweler: Peter Franklin Jewelers

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