High School Sweetheart Engagement Session at City Hall

City Hall and Lakeside Rose Garden | Fort Wayne, Indiana

I am going to be honest, I give my couples huge props when they do summer engagement sessions. But then again, I would like if the max temperature it ever reached outside was 70 with a breeze. So basically what I am saying is yes, I am that person who sits under an umbrella by the pool or on a beach. I can not stand being hot, so when my couple’s want a summer engagement I always say a little prayer for some nice weather. Honestly I think God just looks out for me because I rarely shoot a summer engagement session where I am sweating. Weddings? Whole different story. But Kirsten and Cameron had the perfect weather for their session. It was a perfect 70 with a breeze and cloudy for a good majority. Oh do I live for cloudy.

Honestly I should of expected perfect weather especially when I document such perfect couples. Now I don’t mean they are perfect people because none of us are, but the perfect match. Kirsten and Cameron are that perfect match, which was realized all thanks to Cameron’s sister, Ale, who is a former bride of mine. Let me tell you, I think Ale should be in charge of match making for everyone because she knew what she was doing with these two, and it so worked. I honestly don’t know if I have ever photographed a couple so in love in my 7 years of this job, and that is saying something. These two are crazy in love, and crazy about each other. You’ll be able to see it in their faces as you scroll through these photos.

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