Rustic Late Summer Wedding at the Venue on Lake Grant

The Venue on Lake Grant | Mount Orab, Ohio

Sometimes I have a wedding I literally count down the days to, and that happened to be the Ware Wedding. I’ll be honest, it was mostly because Allyson is super near and dear to my heart, so I had some automatic bias. But either way, I have literally been counting down to this wedding since Allyson and Brandon officially booked last April. So while I am so happy to have been a part of their big day, and literally could not be more happy that they are finally husband and wife, part of me is really sad that this wedding is over… So once I finish this blog post I will be petitioning for Allyson and Brandon to do it all over again.

I will be honest, I arrived 45 minutes early to this wedding. I was just so excited. Plus while I had photographed Allyson and Brandon’s engagement session at their venue, I wanted to scout the location again, and see everything set up since Allyson had texted me how great everything looked that morning. She was 1000% right which was very quickly apparent when I arrived. Their ceremony space was set up on the edge of the forest meaning the backdrop was some insanely gorgeous foliage. Plus all the big trees offered a ton of shade, which was so nice for guests. The reception space was just a pretty with lit lanterns and baby’s breath gracing the tables, and an insanely gorgeous cake and dessert table all made by the mother of the groom. I also loved Allyson and Brandon’s personal touches with the shotgun shell bouts, and their monogram on the fireplace over the head table. The florals really pulled together the whole day, heavily filled with baby’s breath which is so stunning and Allyson’s gorgeous bouquet that screamed late summer wedding, simple with a pop of color. Seriously the details of this wedding were gorgeous.
Besides the amazing details, as always there was an amazing bridal party. Filled with some who had known the bride and groom since birth, some who had married into the family and quickly came to feel more like they had always been around, and some who grew up with the bride and groom, knowing them since the early stages of elementary school. Honestly all around a really amazing bridal party, who were all a really good time, all super sweet, and all over the moon that Allyson and Brandon were tying the knot.

But how could they not be? If you know anything about Allyson and Brandon you know that these two are amazing people. First off Allyson is a bride turned bestie because after a few insta posts on my personal account and a few conversations we realized we are insanely similar, have been through some of the same things, and basically love all the same things. So we have had a lot of deep and personal conversations which I just adore her for, but the moment I knew Allyson and I were really truly going to be long time friends was when my grandmother passed a little over a month ago. Allyson and Brandon live over 3 hours away from me, and Allyson texted me and offered to drive 3 hours to be there for me if I needed her, all I had to do was say the word and she would be on my doorstep, snacks in hand. I literally bawled my eyes out when she texted me because honestly COULD SHE BE ANY SWEETER? Literally the best. But then I showed up to HER wedding and she had a gift bag for me. LIKE OKAY. She got me a teacher memo pad for school, a whole ton of my favorite candies and snacks, and a hedgehog that you can heat up or cool for when you aren’t feeling well. Incase you weren’t convinced she was the sweetest, she also got a gift bag for Evan filled with snacks. Like it is your wedding and you are over here thinking about me. She also gave me a corsage and Evan a bout to wear and it was so sweet. Now that I have rambled about how much I love Allyson, I should probably mention I love Brandon too. Lol. Brandon is just as sweet, just as thoughtful and totally in love with Allyson, but the feeling is 1000% mutual. These two were so excited to get married. I mean the kind of excited where you want to run down the aisle and say I do because you just can not wait to spend the rest of your life with that person. I’m telling you these two have the type of love that lasts a lifetime. Can’t wait to watch these two grow old together.

ALSO should mention. Allyson wanted to do a first look with me because she was so excited to show me her dress. Honestly best request ever. So catch ya girl in the photos during a first look with this amazing bride.

Dream Team Vendors:
Venue: The Venue on Lake Grant
Catering: The Hitching Post
Wedding Dress: David’s Bridal
Bridesmaids Dresses: Amazon
Men’s Ware: Amazon
Florist: Batavia Florist
Cake Artist: Groom’s Mom
Hair Artist: Jessie Schaefer
Makeup Artist: Jessie Schaefer
Invites and Other Stationary: Etsy

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