Destination Wisconsin Dells Wedding at Wild Rose Ranch

Wild Rose Ranch | Baraboo, Wisconsin

It has been so long since I blogged a wedding, I honestly don’t know if I even remember how. Totally joking, but literally thats how it feels. It has been almost 8 months since I shot a wedding, and since the start of my career in wedding photography I have never gone longer then a couple months. So shout out to Covid for this one. However that meant that after 8 months of waiting, I was beyond excited to be finally shooting a wedding, and honestly very nervous. Would I still remember my posing? Would I still remember how I shoot family formals? Would I remember how to use my flash? Obviously 8 months is not long enough to forget those things, but I seriously went into this wedding so nervous, like I was shooting a wedding for the first time. I am very happy to report that I got in the car after the wedding and went “I killed it.” So all the nerves are nothing, it was like riding a bike, you just never forget. So after 8 long months I am so excited to finally be blogging another wedding, especially this one.

Honestly this wedding was the perfect way to kick off my 2020 wedding season for the second time. I traveled 7 hours to Baraboo Wisconsin for this one, and let me tell you, I would have traveled 100 hours for this one, that is how dreamy it was. Now I normally start off with telling you why the wedding was so gorgeous and how much I loved the florals, and the color scheme, but the reason I would of traveled 100 hours is not just because the wedding was totally gorgeous, but it was the couple at the center of the day. Josh and Jen have been engaged for 13 years, and yes you read that right. During their wedding day, I heard multiple friends and family members say, we really thought this day would never come, and of course it came in the middle of a pandemic, which was the joke of the day. But these two have been together since high school, engaged for 13 years, had two beautiful children, and now they are officially husband and wife. I honestly don’t know that I have ever shot a wedding that people were so excited about, and so happy for the couple. But it was pretty easy to see why. Josh and Jen were seriously one of the most laid back couples ever, and they made their day 100% theirs. Josh trailered in his motorcycle for photos, and opted to skip jackets, and bouts. Jen wore sneakers and hand made all the gorgeous bouquets. This day could not have been more dreamy for these two, and it was because they are a couple totally 100% in love, 13 years of being engaged later.

Now to rave about the color palette because honestly I am 10000% here for their color palette. This is my second time seeing grey and shades of pink and it is quickly becoming my favorite. This wedding even got bonus points from me because Jen had her girls in mismatching bridesmaids dresses, and not just styles but also color. If you know me, you know that this is my absolute favorite look ever. It is something you don’t see a lot, and I honestly wish you did because it is just gorgeous. Besides the color palette there was the gorgeous florals which Jen handmade herself, talk about talent. There was also the insanely gorgeous venue. Josh and Jen got married at Wild Rose Ranch in a hilltop ceremony overlooking the Wisconsin landscape. It was straight dream worthy. But the reception space was just as gorgeous which was inside a barn that looked like it should be in a magazine. Sitting on top of a hill overlooking gorgeous landscape, and horses galore. Seriously wish I was shooting that this venue every weekend.

I think another huge part that made the day so amazing was the bridal party. Josh and Jen were surrounded by their closest friends. Jen’s two maid of honors had known her since Elementary school, and Josh and Jen had introduced the one to her husband. You could tell that this bridal party actually hung out on weekends and were all really close friends, which means they were a blast to be around. They made funny jokes, they were 100% down for anything with photos, including the amazing pyramid that the one groomsmen suggested. They spent the whole day smiling, and so insanely excited for Josh and Jen and it was so sweet to see. The bridesmaids were also all so insanely helpful with getting Jen ready, making sure all of her stuff was moved to the venue, and Jacki was the best during photos with fluffing and laying Jen’s dress out.

Honestly this was one incredible wedding, and I wish we could do it all over again. It was also insanely hard to narrow the day down into the 50 photos I normally blog, so thats how you know this was one amazing wedding.

Venue: Wild Rose Ranch
Catering: Wood BBQ
Wedding Dress: Eva’s Bridal
Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal
Men’s Ware: Black Tux
Florist: Wooden Florals by the Bride
Cake Artist: Aunt Leslie’s
DJ: Ryan Kuse
Invites and Other Stationary: Greetings Island

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