Urban Spring Engagement Session with Man’s Best Friend in Downtown Detroit

Downtown Detroit | Detroit, Michigan

Incase you are new around here, or to the blog, there is something you should know. I LOVE Detroit. I literally have a borderline obsession with the city. It is just absolutely stunning in every way. There are so many pretty spots of architecture, so many cool unique areas, and all around I am just obsessed with the vibe of the city. So much so that I actually had my own engagement photos taken in Detroit because I truly think it can not be beat as far as beauty. Do not get me wrong, there are so many gorgeous places to do your engagement photos, but I definitely do an extra little happy dance when a bride tosses around the word Detroit, especially when Allie and Shane’s inquiry came through.

I honestly don’t even know where to start with this couple, truly. I adore them. Allie and Shane are two of the most genuine, sweetest, caring, down to earth, easy to be around people that I have ever met. I literally left their engagement session and immediately figured out how many days to their wedding because they are just such a joy to be around. Now I may have some bias because they did bring their dog, Doug, who I may have fallen in love with, and he will be at the wedding. But honestly this couple was just the perfect match. I felt like I was spending time with old friends by the end of their session and I am looking forward to their wedding as if close friends of mine are getting married, not clients. But honestly after the note Allie wrote me post engagement session, I think they might agree that this feels like a good friendship. But seriously I will be counting down to this wedding, and until I get to love on Dougie again.

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