Upscale Garden Wedding at The Landmark

The Landmark | Fort Wayne, Indiana

Wanna know my favorite thing about May weddings? No rain. Just kidding! But honestly after the monsoon that was April I was so thankful for such amazing weather for my May couples, I am talking 65 and partly cloudy. Basically my ideal weather for these weddings. But seriously May this year brought two gorgeous weddings and I am so excited to share them with you!

Obviously one of the best part about Lizzy and Rasheed’s day was no doubt the weather. They had planned for an outdoor ceremony and cocktail hour so the perfect temperature of 65 and partly cloudy meant everything was just beautiful. No one was sweating or hot, it was just truly ideal weather. I wish every wedding had this weather honestly. But with the chaos for Lizzy and Rasheed leading up to the wedding, I’m talking a wedding dress disaster, a hospital visit, and a few other minor details, I was thankful everything just came together to be absolutely gorgeous the day of. Besides the weather, which seriously could not get over everything for this wedding. From the gorgeous florals. seriously gimme me all the pastel florals from this wedding to photograph 900 more times, to the gorgeous color palette, Im talking dusty blue, navy, and blush, everything was stunning. Truly everything was just so pretty, and such a perfect late spring wedding if you ask me.

Now every wedding I shoot looks different, obviously, but the biggest difference is always the bridal party. I have had everywhere from 12 bridesmaid and 12 groomsmen, to 1 bridesmaid and 1 groomsmen. While it keeps me on my toes, my favorite thing in the world is that my couples always surround themselves with people who love them and are so excited for them to get married. Lizzy and Rasheed’s bridal party was seriously like the cherry on top of the cake for the perfect day. Lizzy had her older sister and cousin stand by her and they were so sweet, so supportive, and truly a dream team. They kept the day running smoothly, and handled so many small details and minor things so Lizzy truly got to relax and just enjoy her big day and honestly what more could you ask for. Rasheed had his best friend and his dad stand by his side and let me tell you parents in the bridal party always get me. I love when I see a bride or groom with such a close relationship with their parent that they ask them to be their best man or maid of honor. To me it is always such a testament to the relationship shared between them. You could tell that Rasheed and his father were so close, and I loved watching his dad tear up as Rasheed did, and just love on him so hard throughout the day along with his other groomsmen. This was just such a good bridal party honestly.

I obviously adored the bridal party, but I absolutely adore Lizzy and Rasheed. These two have such a special kind of love that is almost indescribable. I think part of it is I have truly never photographed a couple so in love as these two. The devotion Rasheed has for Lizzy, always putting her first, always making sure she is comfortable, always giving her everything. The respect and love Lizzy has for Rasheed, putting him first, always making sure a smile is on his face, and giving him 100% of her always. Their love truly is a testament to what strong relationships look like, and what your relationship should look like in general. These two basically are the definition of love and what being in love is like. The way they look at each other, the way they light up around each other, the way they can not stop smiling when they are close, it is just dreamy and truly a photographer’s dream to photograph because these two just radiate love.

Dream Team Vendors:
Ceremony and Reception Venue: The Landmark
Florist: Molly and Clover
Wedding Planner: Molly with Molly and Clover
Videographer: RNB Sound
Bride’s Dress: David’s Bridal
Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal
Hair Artist: Rikki Lee
Makeup Artist: Lizzy White (The Bride)
Dj: RNB Sound
Catering: The Landmark
Cake Artist: Sweet Angel Cakes
Transportation: Rosewood Carriage 

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