Winter Urban Engagement Session in Downtown Fort Wayne

Downtown Fort Wayne | Fort Wayne, Indiana

Engagement sessions are in full swing around here, as is wedding season. Let me tell you we are thriving off chaos right now, but that is 100% fine with me when I get to work with such amazing couples. It seriously makes all the late night editing well worth it, especially with a couple like Cortlyn and Justin.

Cortlyn and Justin are just one of my amazing 2021 couples. I swear every year I say this is the best year and my couples are the best and then the next year comes along and it just continues to get better. I seriously can not wait for their wedding this fall because let me tell you, these two are super cute together. You can just see the love between them and it is so sweet to watch. But there is also the excitement because they are also super photogenic. These two are a photographers dream. They photograph well and they have undeniable chemistry making every pose that much sweeter and every photograph that much better. There were so many candid moments between these two. Seriously photographer’s dream clients here, so if anyone needs me I will be impatiently waiting for their wedding this fall!

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