2020’s Evan On the Job

Here it is! Evan on the job! Bringing Evan into my business last year as my second shooter was seriously one of the best decisions I could have made. Not only do all of you love him, literally every single review we get post wedding or session mentions him, but I also absolutely adore working with him. He has given every engagement session and every single wedding his all, taking some seriously incredible photos. He has spent a lot of hours traveling with me, a lot of late nights helping me culling photos, and honestly he helps every single place he can. Evan is definitely part of the dream team and I could not have made it through this season of Covid and shooting weddings without him!

Now every single image is unedited again because I’m just giving you it how it is, and to be honest most of Evan’s photos are really cute and actually him working. There are still a few funny, and I promise to be better about taking photos of him in 2021, which I know I said last year, but this year was just insane and we all know it!

This blog post will be a whole lot of photos of Evan from behind because that’s where I normally grab photos of him.

Always walking into my photos…

But I did get a good photo of him in the mean time.

We both loved this venue so much, we still talk about it to this day.

Took several photos of him here simply because it was so pretty.

Always getting those wide shots for me.

Evan is the king of wide shots, so if you see any of those gorgeous wide shots, it was probably Evan.

Evan is always being silly and making me laugh at shoots.

My favorite photo I took of Evan this year, and I know it is not BTS but we were waiting for the couple to change so it counts.

Always getting those killer shots.

The best part about having a male second shooter is he can squat down anywhere at any time for photos.

I always sign the guest book, but this time I let Evan

Allyson and Brandon gave Evan and I flowers to wear. It felt like such a privilege.

Mask life.

If you look closely, you may see Evan.

Again with the wide shots.

MASK LIFE. If you had told me last year we would be wearing masks at wedding I would have laughed.

Evan is seriously the king of those killer ring shots.

Always grabbing little details. This image was him grabbing the flowers.

Again with the details.

Now that we are done with the photos…a huge thank you to all of my couples who loved on him, and let him capture their big day along side me. We love you a ton! Can not wait for the 2021 blog post of Evan because it is my mission to get about 5x more photos for you next year and I will try to actually do it!


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