2020’s On the Job

2020, what a freaking year. SERIOUSLY. This year was insane, thanks Covid. But we freaking made it and all my brides got married!! Woo!! But seriously this was such a different year with covid, so be prepared to see photos of ya girl in a mask.

Now I start this blog post off by saying do you ever wonder what I look like behind a camera? But then I realized if I have photographed you that you do know what I look like behind a camera so it was a dumb question. However I bet you never realized the amount of ugly, sassy, down right mean looking faces I actually make while I am behind my camera, because my second shooter really captured a lot of really tragic photos of me this year. So while I am super embarrassed that my face actually looks like that at times, I know they are totally hilarious, and I did laugh at them while I worked on this post. I want to thank everyone who hired me and allowed me to capture their big day, or their engagement, family, or senior, you are the reason these photos exist and so many people thank you. I thank you because you make my dream job possible. Disclaimer, there are some actually decent photos of me working and doing my thing which are included in this post, but I know all of you just come to this post for the ugly ones and hilarious commentary. So I hope you enjoy! Also one more disclaimer: these photos are not edited at all. I don’t feel the need to because they are simply just here to be laughed at.

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I love shooting engagement sessions in downtown Indy even when I am freezing my booty off.

Giving instructions and allowing for candid moments to happen.

Peep the wrapped hand. I actually grabbed a cooking sheet right out of the oven the night before this session and had a major 2nd degree burn.

Freezing, but love love love shooting in the snow.

The only wedding this year that full happened normally. Shout out to January weddings. But also there was a massive snow storm during this wedding and moments later I was standing calf high in snow and swear I almost got frost burn on my toes.

Can we talk about this gorgeous venue in Indy?!

Always trying to stand in the sun when it is cold out while shooting so I stay warm.

A huge jump, we went from a BTS in snow, to in a dress and sandals. Shout out to covid for making me take March-Mid June off.

Always grabbing the close up shot.

This venue in Kalamazoo was my absolutely favorite that I shot an engagement session at this year. Will be looking for an excuse to return in 2021.

Wanna know how challenging it is to shoot in a sunflower field with dozens of people running around th background? It took me 20 minutes to edit all the people out of this photo.

If there is a veil, I will be using it.

I got the tattoo on the back of my arm you can see here last winter, when I uploaded this photo I was startled by it. I totally forgot I had it. lol.

Getting those perfect ceremony shots.

I bought this little shoulder bag this year for weddings and it was such a life saver.

Can we talk about this gorgeous forest clearing?

Always corralling bridal parties.

If there is a veil, I will 100000% get up under it with you and your husband.

Why am I leaning? Very unknown.

Clearly I hav a thing for standing in the middle of roads.

Again was like what about the tattoo.

This year I perfected my veil photos, and let me tell you, it is my biggest accomplishment of this year.

Clearly like this venue because I shot at it two weekends in a row.

Again all up in that veil.

Just zoom in on my face. This image kills me!

Just casually creeping behind my sister.

I was so confused what Bennett was doing.

Then realized he was trying to get a photo with us in the background.

Again, in the veil, and this time was being choked by it because of the nuts wind.

See it literally choked me.

Loving the sunset.

Proof you can hold a drink and take reception photos.
But this is my last shot I have of me from weddings and engagement sessions that I shot this year, which is so bittersweet. There were plenty of more behind the scene photos that were not captured because my second shooter was too busy going his actual job which is a lot more important. However, I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into behind the scenes of all our amazing couple’s wedding days and a lot of engagement sessions as well. Obviously there isn’t behind the scene photos from every wedding, but these provided enough of a laugh, seriously I made some ugly faces this year. A huge thank you to everyone who chose me to capture their big day! We (my second shooters and I) love you! I can not wait for another year of hilarious behind the scene photos coming in 2021! Hoping for a more normal season in 2021.


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