Fall Forest Engagement Session at PFW’s Nature Preserve

Purdue University Fort Wayne | Fort Wayne, Indiana

I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard in a photography group that they hate photographing people they know. Usually they say there is too much pressure, or they have clients with no boundaries because they know them. But honestly photographing couple’s I know is honestly my favorite thing. Is it a huge honor when someone I don’t know books me? Oh yeah! I love when a total stranger trusts me to capture their big day, especially because so many of them turn into friends. But there is just something about photographing a couple you know. Every time a couple I know reaches out about me photographing their big day I just do a little happy dance, especially this one. When Seth reached out, he said he couldn’t imagine letting anyone else photograph their wedding and honestly, day made. My favorite thing about photographing a couple is the trust right off the bat. They jump in front of my camera and they trust me with every crazy and weird pose and prompt. The other thing I love is the pressure. Of course there is pressure to really knock the ball out of the park when I know a couple, and I live for it. I am one of those people that thrive under pressure. So bring on the pressure of knowing them, and I will rise to the challenge.

Seth and Taylor made my job easy. These two and the way they interact with each other made posing them, and photographing them so easy. They are that couple that can’t take their eyes off each other. That sneak little hidden glances at each other between poses, and photos. Who glow when they are near each other, whose love could light up a room. There is not a doubt that these two were made to be each other, were made for loving each other. They are the type of couple who I could photograph all day.

  1. Seth Brown says:

    Statement still stands, wouldn’t have picked anyone else!

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