2021’s On the Job

2021, what a freaking year. SERIOUSLY. This year was insane, thanks Covid for pushing so much of 2020 to 2021. But we freaking made it and I got to celebrate so many amazing brides and grooms Woo!! But seriously this was a jam packed year, and honestly produced some of the ugliest behind the scene photos ever, but they are hilarious so. Also of course we started out the year with a ton of behind the scenes photos, and then just dropped off the face of the earth. But I think there is a behind the scene photo from 80% of the weddings so that seems like a win!

Now I start this blog post off by saying do you ever wonder what I look like behind a camera? But then I realized if I have photographed you that you do know what I look like behind a camera so it was a dumb question. However I bet you never realized the amount of ugly, sassy, down right mean looking faces I actually make while I am behind my camera, because my second shooter really captured a lot of really tragic photos of me this year. So while I am super embarrassed that my face actually looks like that at times, I know they are totally hilarious, and I did laugh at them while I worked on this post. I want to thank everyone who hired me and allowed me to capture their big day, or their engagement, family, or senior, you are the reason these photos exist and so many people thank you. I thank you because you make my dream job possible. Disclaimer, there are some actually decent photos of me working and doing my thing which are included in this post, but I know all of you just come to this post for the ugly ones and hilarious commentary. So I hope you enjoy! Also one more disclaimer: these photos are not edited at all. I don’t feel the need to because they are simply just here to be laughed at.

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I can not look at this photo without thinking about how it was SO WINDY that day, and I had to use a rubber band to make my dress tight enough that it would not blow up like it did in the parking lot… Good news I only flashed my car.

First wedding of the year, which meant this one was still a mask wedding. Felt much more nromal then last year thankfully!

I swear that every year there is a photo of me all up under that veil. Could not break that tradition.

Ale, the bridesmaid in the photo, is actually one of my past brides! This was her brother’s wedding and it is always such an honor to shoot multiple sibling’s weddings. Also thankful for her helping me out here so I could get the perfect shot.

Another one from this wedding. Let me tell you it POURED all day, so thankfully this overhang on the side of the church was perfect for photos.

I am doing a little please give me back my camera Evan here, while also getting intertwined in the veil as always.

More under the veil action. Actually at the exact same church just a week later. Thankfully we had clear skies so we were able to use the pretty greenery area on the grounds.

Making sure that veil lays perfectly

Evan took a ton of BTS at this wedding. This one is actually one of my favorites from the year.

Another BTS another veil

We shook this gorgeous white tree for some falling pedal action, which clearly all ended up in my hair. I even found some more the next day when I was showering.

Just hanging out at the reception.

I clearly knew this photo was being taken.

Learning that throwing up the peace sign when I know a photo is being taken is my go to.

Only one BTS from an engagement session this year, and of course it is from this session in my favorite city, Detroit, with the sweetest couple.

Waiting for the couple to change, and Bailey snapped this. Lovely.

Fun fact, Bailey and I actually had a few of our engagement photos taken here, so this photo is a little extra special.

Clearly was disgusted by what Evan was doing.

Then clearly disgusted by something else going on.

I have nothing to say about this one.

Just some lighting testing and apparently I had to look ROUGH.

Always pinning on Bouts for groomsmen.

Shot a Bat Mitzvah this year, and Evan took a BTS photo so here we are.

Evan apparently decided to take only good BTS photos at this wedding, which I appreciate.

Best BTS photo of the year, and actually the one I posted.

Only living for this photo because my curls look BOMB.

Such a weird BTS photo from Evan, but its differnt so here we are.

There is rarely any BTS of the reception but this year Evan took some good ones!

Always carrying my bride’s dresses when I can to help!

I am really unsure what happened on the coloring of this photo so ignore that. Just capturing a close up of the gorgeous bouquets from the Gaines wedding!

Nothing like having Evan put a leaf in your hair.

Not me wearing the veil as a shawl to keep it off the ground during sunset photos.

Just another one because the sunset was BEAUTIFUL.

Forever getting bugs out of bride’s dresses, and I spent about 75% of the Stone’s wedding photos doing this.

Ugliest photo of the year, but I was also SWEATING TO DEATH. Hottest wedding of the year and was realizing I had to go back outside.

Definitely one of my favorites from this year. If you haven’t noticed, my favorites are ones were I actually look decent.

“Are you taking a photo of me?”

I swear to you, had I not taken a step she would of ran right into me. She was so excited, it was hilarious.

But this is my last shot I have of me from weddings and engagement sessions that I shot this year, which is so bittersweet. There were plenty of more behind the scene photos that were not captured because my second shooters were too busy going their actual job which is a lot more important. However, I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into behind the scenes of all our amazing couple’s wedding days and a engagement sessions as well. Obviously there isn’t behind the scene photos from every wedding, but these provided enough of a laugh, seriously I made some ugly faces this year. A huge thank you to everyone who chose me to capture their big day! We (my second shooters and I) love you! I can not wait for another year of hilarious behind the scene photos coming in 2022!


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