Foliage Filled Fall Engagement Session at Shoaff Park

Shoaff Park | Fort Wayne, Indiana

My 2022 wedding season is filling up so quickly, and honestly filling up with so many amazing couples, and incredible weddings. Each year I think there is no way you can top last wedding season, and some how ever year is just as incredible as the last. It is hard to not love every year though when it is always filled with the sweetest couples, who are just so in love, and have the best wedding days ever. Emily and Bryce are definitely one of the couples who are going to make 2022 so amazing. While I have to wait a hot minute until their wedding, I am already finding myself excited for it. They are getting married at Ken Dale Farms which is a new venue to me. I always get a little extra excited about a new venue, but what I am really most excited about are these two.

Emily and Bryce are two of the most genuinely sweet people I have ever met. The way they carry themselves, the way they speak, everything about them just shows how kind they are. They are the type of people who make others feel important, and bring a smile to their face. Just everything about them is so sweet. The way they act around each other. The way they couldn’t help smiling ear to ear every time I asked them to snuggle in close. The way they looked at each other. This is just a couple you know is crazy in love and I can not wait to photograph them again this fall.

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