Cozy Neutral Winter Engagement Session on Private Property

Private Property | Fort Wayne, Indiana

Don’t mind me catching up on blogging here. But life gets hectic and my priority is to get my clients their photos over their blog posts so sometimes I have to catch up. But we are here, catching up and getting back on track with a promise to be better. I know most people would just tell me to start fresh but sometimes the photos are so good and the couple is so dang photogenic that you can’t not blog it. Hence why we are here.

Maddy and Matt, oh do I have so much to say. These two first off are dang photogenic. I mean come on. I couldn’t take a bad photo of these to if I tried which let me tell you makes my job easy. These two are the type of couple I could photograph for hours and it would only feel like minutes. They are just so candid with each other all the time that capturing those candid moments Maddy wanted was a breeze. But besides these two being so photogenic they are also just so sweet.These two radiate around each other, I mean ear to ear smiles, glowing type radiating. It is so sweet to watch them together because you can just see so much love from them for each other. I literally have been counting down to their wedding since I photographed them.

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