Snow Storm Upscale Wedding at Union 12

Union 12 | Columbia City, Indiana

Since I started photographing weddings five years ago, I have prayed to shoot a snowy winter wedding. Unfortunately in the past my winter weddings have turned out to either just be cold, or have oddly warm weather. So when I looked on Sunday and snow was in the forecast for Hannah and Kaleb’s wedding on Saturday, my excitement was unreal. As the week went on, I spent a lot of time checking the weather making sure that little snow flake was still there. After all Hannah stated in one of her early emails how much her and Kaleb were wishing for snow, so basically it was a dream come true all around. When Saturday arrived and I looked out the window when I hopped out of bed and saw no snow I began to worry. It was suppose to start at 7am, and it was 9, where was it? As the morning went on my worries grew. There was no snow! However as I was leaving the house, I pulled out of garage to little white snow flakes falling from the sky. I screamed in excitement! Now just please let it stick!! God heard my prayers and soon the green grass at Union 12 was becoming white, followed by the trees, and the tall grass, and the entire ground and it was stunning! So this wedding was a total dream.

Now this wedding was not just a dream because of the snow. This wedding was a total dream because of the entire day as a whole. First, Hannah and Kaleb chose the stunning Union 12 for their venue, so I knew it was going to be a good day from the beginning. They complimented Union 12’s pretty space with a color palette of emerald and navy, with hints of greenery. Let me tell you jewel tone palettes are honestly some of my favorites so I was over the moon about it, especially in relation to the bridal party’s attire. Navy suits are my absolute favorite, but after seeing Hannah’s girls in their emerald dresses, emerald may be my new favorite color for bridesmaids dresses. It was such a stunning look. The best part about this winter wedding was Hannah and her girls had furs to wear for photos. The furs added such a level of sophistication to the entire look of the bridal party and I totally loved it. But besides the stunning venue and color palette, there was the insanely delicious food, especially the cheesecakes. Hannah and Kaleb opted to have cheesecake with a toppings bar and it was such a hit with the guests. There was also the stunning florals. The florals were from Lopshire so of course I knew they would be stunning, but seriously Hannah’s white and grey bouquet with greenery was one of my favorite bouquets. But one of my favorite details of the day was the favors for the guests. Hannah and Kaleb kept their winter wedding right on theme with blankets for the guest as favors. Not only was it the softest blanket I had ever felt but it was also the cutest favor for a winter wedding.

Outside of the dreamy weather and the dreamy details of the day, there was also one amazing bridal party. This bridal party was all about Hannah and Kaleb. They loved on Hannah and Kaleb the entire day, making sure the entire day ran smoothly as well as making sure everything was perfect. Then at the end of all of it they were out there tearing up the dance floor keeping the party going. This bridal party was over the moon about Hannah and Kaleb getting married, and they definitely showed that.

Now to the main reason the day was amazing, Hannah and Kaleb. These is honestly nothing but an insane amount of love for these two. I first met Hannah and Kaleb when I photographed Kaleb’s sister’s wedding 2 and a half years ago. Kelsey (Kaleb’s sister) is truly one of my favorite brides I have ever had, so when she referred Hannah and Kaleb and they booked I was literally so excited. I had been around Hannah and Kaleb both a few times and knew these two were nothing short of amazing individuals and that it was going to be such a pleasure to be the one documenting their wedding, and I was so right. The second I arrived Hannah came out of no where to welcome me and tell me just how excited she was to have me there. Honestly a wedding day just starts off so great when your bride is just as excited to see you as you are to see her. Hannah is one of those people that make you feel so special and so loved every second she is around you. She is seriously one of the sweetest, gentlest, and most loving brides I have ever had, and Kaleb perfectly matches her by being one of the sweetest and kindest grooms I have ever had. Both of them took the time to visit table to table at the reception and stopped to talk to Evan and I, making sure we had ate and were doing well, and thanking us again for being there for them. Again when we were saying our goodbyes these two just poured out their hearts about how much they appreciated us and were so happy to have us capture their big day. They literally on their wedding day, made us feel so special and so important to them. Honestly I can’t even begin to scratch the surface with these two. I could talk about how amazing they are all day, and how perfect they are for each other. Seriously these two compliment each other in every way, but they also both just radiate when they are together. The second they saw each other during their first look, all the way to the end of their photography coverage these two were smiling the biggest smiles. They were stealing glances at each other during the bridal party photos, and spent dinner laughing with each other at the head table. These two are the definition of crazy and madly in love and it was literally the biggest honor to be their wedding photographer.

Dream Team Vendors:
Venue: Union 12
Wedding Planner: Andi Jo Clark
Catering: Ninehouse
Wedding Dress: BHLDN
Bridesmaids Dresses: BHLDN
Men’s Suits: Menguin
Florist: Lopshire Florist
Cake Artist: Jason Anderson
Dj: Adam Strack
Ceremony Music: Joe Lisincchia

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